4 November – 7 December

Biennale Forum is a platform maximizing the production process and the dissemination of knowledge, supporting the implementation through opening a room for critical as well a space for reading. As part of Biennale Jogja XIV`s main program, the Forum takes the position as a discussion space in the realm of managing hope. The hopes which are referred here are of course not excluded from the context as well the contents included in the Biennale Jogja, such as:

  • Biennale Jogja within the Equator theme.
  • The Biennale as an event connected to the dynamics of Yogyakarta as a city and its public.
  • The Biennale as a part of the public dynamics in the field of social arts.
  • The presence of arts in the centre of the society’s condition looking for a democratic format.

In its implementation, Biennale Forum consists of a series of diverse knowledge exchange such as: discussions at the Main Exhibition venue, the Parallel Event, and Public Lectures. It is called ‘a series of forums’ because the continuity from one forum to another is regulated within a structure which is forwarding to a contextual discourse. The contextualization becomes a term which has to be underlined, to avoid the use of a term which differentiates between the global and local, theory and practice. In short, the forums within this Biennale platform are designed to set the discussions of the various core issues of the everyday life of the society in the Equator.

The Format of this year’s Biennale differs from the last ones. The Biennale Forum 2017 covers a range of forum discussions, its function being more of an umbrella for the implementation of the discussion and the exchange of ideas, both the academic agendas as well as the agendas of the art spaces involved in this Biennale.

There are four types of Forums within the Biennale:

  1. The Discussion Forum; which is targeting the management of issues as well as the discourse with a more theoretical elaboration, although not excluding empirical elaborations. That is because the theoretical and empirical always support one another.
  2. The Artists or Curators Talk; as a shared space based on artistic experiences and the creative progress as well the spaces, to maximize the elaboration of a discourse from the concept proposed by Biennale Jogja 2017. In short, this forum emphasizes on the artistic experiences as knowledge production processes.
  3. Public Lecture; some artists from Indonesia and Brazil are invited to provide various public lectures based on themes, focusing on the problem which is often processed in the artwork.
  4. Learning from the Field; is a forum emphasizing on the artistic practices occurring in the art spaces and organization as well as centering on the artists activity as a process of knowledge production. The theme can be diverse, from museum problems and Indonesianisme, collectivism in fine arts and the discussion of craft possibilities as an approach, perspective and even critic.