13 November 2021

Sailing the Ocean of Romo (Father) Mangun’s Thoughts

Sinau Romo Mangun (SRM) or Studying Father Mangun gave birth to an essay compilation called Membabar Peta, Merupa Bumi. With a deadline of four weeks, […]
13 November 2021

Bakurima Moves, Celebrating Aspiration

A microphone slowly descended upon the stage. The man reached it swiftly, his hand pumped into the air and a loud yell reverberated throughout the […]
13 November 2021

Nunung WS and Hermanu: Decades of Dedications and Integrity for Art

Not only signaling the end of the Equator Biennale Jogja Series that’s been going on for almost 10 years the Closing Ceremony on Saturday evening  […]
13 November 2021

Move, move… Biennale Jogja Move!

Move, move… One two Three Bakurima moves!     The music thrums through the room. The Bakurima Forum, a Hip-Hop stage in collaboration with the […]
12 November 2021

Time-Based Art and the Magic of Electronic Radio Isolasido

The atmosphere on Friday afternoon (12/11) at the Jogja National Museum (JNM) Block was as if suddenly thrown in the middle of a rain forest. […]
11 November 2021

To Celebrate the Arts without Riots

Thousands of messages filled @biennalejogja’s Instagram inbox.  Hundreds answered as quickly as possible. Hundreds more, unfortunately, sunk unnoticed.  Questions about visitor registration, opening hours, and […]
11 November 2021

Regarding the Production of the XVI Jogja Biennale Exhibition

Behind the works of 34 artists and collectives displayed in the exhibition room at Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021, there is a crucial role […]
11 November 2021

Exhibition Guides Are Not Just Guards

Sitting and leaning on a bean bag, Huhum Hambily (Coordinator of the Publication and Communications Division) told a story. In the past, he was a […]
11 November 2021

Exhibition Management During The Pandemic

The Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021 is nearing its end.  On Thursday afternoon (11/11), on the Main Stage of the Jogja National Museum (JNM), […]
10 November 2021

Social Criticism Strategies in Audiovisual Works

Some villagers were asked, what do you think about UFOs? Some are happy, some are cynical. This is the short film Village’s Bid for UFO […]
10 November 2021

First Non-Performing Art Experience

One by one, students from the Independent Campus Program of the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta, entered the exhibition building. Their enthusiasm was very visible […]
9 November 2021

Art Exploration of the Islamic Students

Rainy clouds covered the city of Yogyakarta that afternoon. Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021 Exhibition was still crowded. But this time it’s a little […]
8 November 2021

O Grecele, Offerings for the Princess

O Grecele is an exhibition initiated by the Juanga Culture group that consists of young people from North Maluku and Broken Pitch, a collective of […]
5 November 2021

Father Mangun’s Humane Attitude

“The Catholic Church in Asia is the church of the poor. It’s not that we are hostile to the rich, but we sided with the […]
5 November 2021

A Pond is the Reverse of an Island; For Refugees We Stand

Ali wanted to be free. To get out of Afghanistan, run away from the Taliban.  He entered Indonesia with eight years long of waiting.  “He […]
5 November 2021

Broken Pitch, Yellow Plate Art

Instead of using an academic approach, Broken Pitch cultivates the narratives and ideas of Eastern decolonization offered by Juanga Culture in a low-brow style. Their […]
5 November 2021

#CeritaLabuhan – The Man Who Destroys Then Wails The Day After

A painting board was stretched on a coast. The painting inside was coastal. It was as if it’s trying to connect the views on its […]
5 November 2021

The Koreri Project: From Violence to An Eternal Koreri

The cultural identity that’s formed in the life of society will affect the self-perception of each of its members. How they see themselves, how they […]
4 November 2021

Playing with the Museum

Museums as we know them are places to keep history. Oftentimes, museums are considered old-fashioned and out of date. Bienalle Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021 […]
3 November 2021

After Having Known (Plants) Then Paint

Two lovebirds were talking. One is holding a cell phone, pointing at a picture of a plant on the screen. Another one shook her head, […]
3 November 2021

Forging Creativity from an Early Age, Minecraft Can Be The Solution

Four gaming laptop screens were brightly lit. Before them, students in white and red uniforms were ready to explore the Minecraft game. They couldn’t wait […]
2 November 2021

In Okinawa, Tsunamis and Ghosts Aren’t Surprising Anymore

“Grandma, didn’t you die of lung cancer?” “Oh really?  How unlucky.”   This is an excerpt from an episode of Yudai Kamisato’s compilation of horror […]
31 October 2021

To See Masmundari; A Cultural Tragedy

In a dark room light by the dim glow of a lantern, an old bed with a white mosquito net is displayed as a central […]
30 October 2021

A Day of Expressing Longing for Boki Emiria and the Arts from Eastern Indonesia

Until the twenty-fourth day of the event, the Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021 continues to present various interesting programs. This variety of programs is […]
30 October 2021

Forging Solidarity Through a Piece of Naan

The aroma of heated flour hits the senses. The heat from the smoldering furnace touched the surrounding air. Faintly, the dust of grains flew. The […]
30 October 2021

Artists’ Perspective Reading Oceania Frames

An artist’s perspective in reading Oceania’s curatorial frame at the Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021? Edith Amituanai, Maria Madeira, and Shivanjani Lal talked about […]
28 October 2021

Submarine, A Metaphor of Power

While holding back laughter, Elia Nurvista, curator of the main exhibition Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021, read aloud a question that appeared in the […]
27 October 2021

Anthropological Questions on Phallus and Underwear

Raised phallic objects. The trunks are made of projectiles, the testicles from human heads. Around them, hung and scattered, were women’s underwear. “This is a […]
26 October 2021

Romo (Father) Mangun Amongst Politics, Culture, and Literature

“In front of novels, we play the politics of memory,” said Bandung Mawardi (Bilik Literasi) while showing the novels by Father Mangun, Ikan-Ikan Hiu, Ido, […]
25 October 2021

Cinema, Discourse, and the Networks in Between

In talks about cinema in voicing discourse, one can be separate it from the network in between. One of the keywords in the curatorial framework—the […]
25 October 2021

Dapur Umum 56, More Than A Variety of Food

Looking at the Dapur Umum 56, there’s always cheer, jokes, and laughter, and then, of course, the simple dishes that can always arouse the taste […]
25 October 2021

A glimmer of Hope in a Postcard

“Cheer up!” Decorated with colorful pictures, this simple sentence can be seen from the end of the postcard. This message, which is intended for children […]
23 October 2021

Artwork Communication, from Experience to Struggle

Bilik Korea Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021: Hacking Domesticity summarizes the history and experiences of women from different cultural contexts—Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, and […]
23 October 2021

Viewing Archives as a Media of Entertainment

When it comes to archives, what comes to mind for most people is a collection of old files and brown paper. However, the Archives Exhibition, […]
22 October 2021

Women Are Artists Too, Not Craftsmen

A dim room. In the middle, there is a bed with a mosquito net. It’s not only for lying down, but a foot away stood […]
19 October 2021

#ResidentialStory: Looking for Sources, What Happened in Papua?

Arif Budiman is an artist who works a lot through moving images as one of his main media. He is active in several communities, such […]
19 October 2021

#ResindentialStory: Looking for Traces of Pottery and Local Land Relics in East Nusa Tenggara

Dyah Retno is one of the artists involved in the main exhibition of Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #6 2021. As a ceramic artist, she works […]
19 October 2021

#ResidentialStory: Local Knowledge for Food Security

Mama Fun’s real name is Marlinda Nau, Fun is taken from her son’s name. She is a member of Lakoat.Kujawas and has a focus on […]
19 October 2021

#CeritaResidensi: Perjalanan Wisisi Asep Nayak

Asep Nayak was born in Wamena on January 11, 1999. He is a broadcasting and photography student. Every day, after coming home from campus, Asep […]
18 October 2021

Sambal Luat and the Spirit of City Farmers’ Food Spirit

In commemoration of World Food Day 2021, an event titled Pasar Tiban #1 Purbayan has taken place on Sunday (17/10). The event, which was organized […]
17 October 2021

Time Stopped By Wisisi

Stumbling to follow the steps of composing electronic music, he approached me. While guiding my fingers to press the correct button, he said, “We are […]
17 October 2021

Deceiving Fraudsters, Between Fake Honey and Reports to Bawaslu

“Hello, Bawaslu?  I want to report a fraud.” Followed by giggles from the audience, that’s the quote that sticks in my memory after watching Jastip: […]
13 October 2021

Curatorial Speech: Locality in Oceania

We are entering the second week of the Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021. If a few days ago the Biennale Forum presented participating artists, […]
13 October 2021

Mollo and Wintaos Against Urban Temptation

Tuesday (12/10), the sun at 02.00 p.m was not able to sting us inside Pawon Pagesangan. Proven by how we were able to enjoy thiwul […]
11 October 2021

Remembering Gunawan Maryanto, “Sakuntala, I’m leaving”

A song called “Yang Tak Pernah Ada” or “One Whose Never There”, opened the event that night. The audience was lost in its strains. The […]
10 October 2021

What the President of Tidore Said about Locality, Modernity, and Identity

Spectators filled the Ajiyasa Hall, Jogja National Museum, Sunday (10/10). That afternoon, a discussion forum called “Counter-Internationalism and Beyond Local” was held as part of […]
10 October 2021

The Relationship Between Art Collectives and Art Institutionalism

The third day of the Biennale Forum on Sunday (10/10) was quite different. The concept is no longer a seminar, but a Focus Group Discussion […]
9 October 2021

Art as an Effort to Seize History and Preserve the Memory of the Land

In addition to the moderator, Lisistrata Lusandiana, there’s also Mumtaz Khan Chopan on the podium, an artist from Afghanistan who was also involved in the […]
9 October 2021

Museums and Liberation Powers

Saturday (9/10) around 10.00 a.m the Biennale Forum Curatorial Practice Panel A bench was attended by the moderator and speakers. From the left of the […]
8 October 2021

Keris, Festival, and Attempting to Interpret Myth

The man in red raised his hand to ask a question. He’s welcomed and given a mic. “If myth is merely a smoke, then what […]
8 October 2021

Art Work Exploration and Cultural Preservation

The city of Yogyakarta is cloudy. The drizzle that started to fall did not stop people from doing their activities. It’s the same at the […]
7 October 2021

What the Journalists Said About Eastern Indonesia and Oceania After Visiting the Biennale Jogja XVI

He clamped the cigarette in his mouth, pulled it out, then exhaled. “Eastern Indonesia,” Aryo Bimo, a journalist from Jogja Info whom I intercepted at […]
7 October 2021

The Opening of Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6: East as Gateway to Oceanian Waves

The clouds seemed reluctant to appear again when the front yard of the Jogja National Museum (JNM) began to fill with invitees. Most of the […]
7 October 2021

Mother Bank Band, Music Without Bank Interest and Instalments

A loud crowd greeted the Mother Bank Band mothers who filled the main stage of the Jogja National Museum (JNM) on Wednesday (6/10) night. Wearing […]
6 October 2021

Mother Bank: Mimicry of Non-Formal Banking Institutions

The booth was quite conspicuous. Amongst the cream-colored exhibition booths, the space gives off its bright feel. The combination of blue and yellow, as well […]
6 October 2021

The Serar Dance: A Form of Struggle from the Land of Papua

Before the façade art is the spot where the Opening Ceremony of the Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 at the Jogja National Museum (JNM) complex […]
6 October 2021

First, There’s Black, Afterwards, Resistance

There stood four people. Two men, two women. It appears that a sturdy woman with white hair dressed them in suits made of bark. She’s […]
6 October 2021

Away from the Horizon, the Sun Sets in Museum and Clay

This afternoon I should be watching the sunset with my co-workers. But no, we had to go to Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, to visit the opening of […]
6 October 2021

Venue Indie Art House Preview: Korea State Chambers Konnect Asean Hack*ng Dom*est*cit*

The weather in Jogja was quite friendly that night, after the scorching heat during the day. The journey to Indie Art House went smoothly, though […]
6 October 2021

Officially Opened, Biennale Jogja XVI Gains Appreciations

Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 2021 is officially opened. The art exhibition and various supporting activities that bring together Indonesia and Oceania will be held […]
6 October 2021

Soya-Soya Dance Hits the Opening of the Biennale Jogja XVI

Shortly after the host addressed the audience, there was the sound of stomping feet. Apparently, on the west side of the stage, a line of […]
6 October 2021

Maritime Dinner

The cigarette in his mouth was alight when I tapped his shoulder. Get acquainted. “I’m Rofiq from Broken Pitch,” he said after I introduced myself. […]
6 October 2021

Archive Reading: Spreading the Decolonialization Discourse, A Decade of Biennale Jogja Equator Series Exhibition

The air was quite hot when several media crews visited the Yogyakarta Cultural Park building on Tuesday (5/10). 12 journalists took part in the preview […]
5 October 2021

Covering A Preview: Media Preview of the XVI Biennale Jogja Archive Exhibition

“Has it started?” “Not yet. I’ve also just arrived,” I said when the clock showed 10:55 a.m. Ayu, a journalist for Radar Jogja, conversed with […]
5 October 2021

Art Ideas from A Media Worker’s Lenses

The afternoon sun illuminated the statue of R.J. Katamsi at the Jogja National Museum (JNM) complex. Six people from Biennale Jogja (BJ) XVI Equator #6’s […]
5 October 2021

Game of the Archive Exhibition, Arranging Puzzle Ideas for the Biennale Jogja for 10 Years

Like a puzzle, the Jogja Biennale Archive Exhibition tries to assemble every idea that seems to have been cut off throughout the 10 years of […]
1 October 2021

Four Exhibitions, 70-ish Programs, Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 is Ready To Go

Around forty journalist accounts managed to show up in the Zoom app’s screen that day. While four speakers plus one moderator took the spotlight in […]
30 September 2021

Re-Imagine Bikon Blewut; Efforts to Live

The Kahe Maumere Community together with the STFK Ledalero Senate Student were involved in organizing an exhibition titled Re-Imagine Bikon Blewut (R-IBB). As part of […]
28 September 2021

Frozen Memories of the Diaspora

Although the Zoom video is not smooth, the image conveyed is clear:  Javanese Life. The scene opens with the sound of the Yasinan, then replaced […]
25 September 2021

Mother Bank, Between Interest (Riba) and Solution to Economic Problems

Mother Bank is a project by Badan Kajian Pertanahan (BKP) or Land Study Agency at Jatiwangi to address the dig another hole to cover the […]