Docking Program

Jayapura, Maumere, Kupang, Ambon
August – September 2021

The Docking Program presents a chain of interconnected programs in four cities and co-produced with local institution or art collective in each area respectively. Acting as the connector is the big theme of Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 which generally talks about the maritime culture and various socio-cultural narratives that link eastern Indonesia and Oceania. The realization of this program is also an attempt to decentralize the format of Biennale Jogja, which has always been centered in Yogyakarta.

Programs presented in this partnership are formatted in a series of exhibitions, performances, and public discussions, exploring the roots and encounters of history, art, culture and various social narratives by involving the participation of communities and art studios in each city. These inter-connected programs are able to transcend geographical distances and can bring together and collaborate on decentralization ideas.

Docking Program Partners: Museum Loka Budaya Universitas Cenderawasih (Jayapura), Komunitas KAHE (Maumere), SkolMus (Kupang), Paparisa Ambon Bergerak (Ambon).