Hena Masa Waya

Ambon, September 2021

This performance is a concern Komunitas Paparisa Ambon Bergerak to the adverse effects of reclamation in the waters of the bay of Ambon, which can damage the nature and the ecosystem in the Gulf Ambon. Viewed reclamation issues in Ambon Bay are increasingly concerned about the artist responds through performances collaborative titled Hena Masa Waya, which presents an overview how impact reclamation on hena-hena (village) in around coastal and humananger .

“Hena Masa Waya” an performing arts with the theme of maritime, land on the coast of the bay of Ambon began to sink as aresult of reclamation at Beach House Three, Teluk Ambon. This show involves visual art, dance, music and literature , which hosted by Komunitas Paparisa Ambon Bergerak on date 25 September 2021 and shown via channel Youtube Biennale Jogja.

The title of this activity is Hena Masa Waya taken from oral narrative (Kapata) who saw how the impact of reclamation on-hena hena (villages) in the coastal area and the natural anger against the damage done men.

Paparisa Ambon Bergerak (Ambon, Maluku)

Paparisa Ambon Bergerak was founded in 2010 as a forum for various communities to be creative by promoting the spirit of collaboration.

It was motivated by the need to create a common space between various creative communities in Ambon to interact, discuss, inspire, and work together.