Tribute To Mambesak Remembering Arnold C. Ap & Demianus W. Koerni, Cs†

Jayapura, August 2021

Museum Loka Budaya Universitas Cenderawasih (Jayapura, Papua)

The Mambesak music group was formed on August 5, 1978 and elevates Papuan culture through performances of music, dance, and folklore that evoke pride and love for Papuan culture.

The Cenderawasih University Loka Budaya Museum (Uncen) has taken the initiative and is committed to continuing to organize cultural events that can become a medium to promote love for Papuan culture, especially among the younger generation. From 2009 to 2021, the Uncen Loka Budaya Museum has used the momentum of the Birthday of the Mambesak Music Group on August 5 every year, as a place to convey messages and promote efforts to preserve and develop Papuan culture.

Mambesak’s spirit based on the motto “We Sing For Life: Past, Present and Later”. The theme of the activity still refers to the motto of the Mambesak Music Group, by expanding its aspects to reach all aspects of the life of the Indigenous Papuans. Therefore, the theme of this activity is “Culture For Life: From The Past, Now And Later” with the sub-theme “Re- knitting Papuan Cultural Identity”.