Tribute to Mambesak

Jayapura, August 2021

Museum Loka Budaya Universitas Cenderawasih (Jayapura, Papua)

Museum Loka Budaya Universitas Cendrawasih was founded in 1970 and inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra on October 1st, 1973, it was the realization of thoughts, struggles and hard work from various parties and executing functionals. During its construction, this museum acquired assistance from John D. Rockefeller (Rockefeller Foundation). The main collection are ethnographic objects originating from 270 tribes in Papua consisting of: kitchen utensils; equipment related to daily livelihoods such as farming, hunting and fishing tools; clothing and accessories; weapon and armory; traditional currencies (dowry, fines, etc.); sacred objects; transportation and musical instruments.